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64cm 74cm 84cm Oak Solid Professional Hardwood Baseball Bat


Product parameter

Product Name: Oak Baseball Bat
Color: wood color
Material: Oak
Size: 64cm/74cm/74cm
Scope of application: baseball game/home defense/vehicle self-defense/security patrol

Features: Use high-quality oak, 360° careful polishing, and one-piece molding to create a high-quality solid baseball bat.

Suggested size:

Use 64cm below 1.6m
Use 74cm around 1.67m
Use 84cm around 1.75m

Packing: Baseball bat*1+stick cover*1

Note: All product data is manually measured, there are some slight errors, which will not affect the use, subject to the actual arrival, please understand, thank you!

Solid wood baseball bat, durable, green and environmentally friendly

360° carefully polished

One-piece polishing, keep improving

Available in three sizes

64cm: recommended for children under 10 years old

74cm: recommended for 10-16 children

84cm: 16 or more recommended

product details

1.360°carefully polished. The lines are smooth, and the rod-to-body ratio is 63% golden ratio.

3. Sweat-absorbent hand gel. The handle is wrapped with high-quality hand glue, with a solid grip,non-slip and wear-resistant, and more assured to use.

4. Round bottom. The rod end is designed to prevent the release of the hand, integrallyformed,non-slip, and it is not easy to release the hand when hitting.

5. LOGO. Exquisite trademark logo, beautiful and elegant, dynamic and fashionable.