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B45 B271 Premium Birch Wood Baseball Bat: B271



The B271 Premium is a balanced bat. making it easy to control the barrel. This is a great model for players new to swinging wood. as its swing weight is very light. The barrel is small. and that allows us to use a more dense piece of wood. Combine the control and whip created by hitters swinging the B271 Premium with the dense wood and you’ll see balls exploding off the bat. Hitters. don’t shy away from smaller barrels. you’d be surprised how many big league hitters swing this model.

Product Features

  • 30-day warranty included
  • Ink dot tested
  • Handle: 0.94 in
  • Barrel: 2.48 in (small)
  • Weight Ratio: -3
  • Knob:Flared
  • Type of bat:Balanced
  • Handcrafted from Premium Yellow Birch
  • Colors: Brown Handle/Black Barrel